Royal Charter


The Royal Charter and Bye-laws together form the documentation for the governance of CICES. The Royal Charter sets out the object and role of the institution, the governance structure and permits CICES to make the By-laws to provide the detailed implementation instructions. The Charter also lists the membership grades, and authorises the use of post nominal letters by members.

‘The object for which the institution is established (hereinafter referred to as the“Object”) is to advance the science and art of civil engineering surveying in all aspects of the specialisations of geospatial engineering and commercial management within civil engineering for the benefit of the public, in particular but not exclusively by upholding and advancing the standards of education, competence, practice and conduct of members of the institution’.

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Members of CICES throughout the world are bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct (2018). This ensures that all members observe the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. These were last revised 2018.

The Disciplinary Procedures are available to members on request from HQ.

CICES members who breach the Rules of Professional Conduct lay themselves open to disciplinary action. If you think that an CICES member may have breached the Rules of Professional Conduct, and you would like guidance on how to make a complaint, please contact the institution’s Honorary Secretary.

The above documents are in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader.

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