Civil Engineering Surveying

Civil engineering construction makes a vital contribution to the world’s economy, employing millions of people across the globe. It is responsible for developing, creating and maintaining the infrastructure of countries of all levels of development and wealth.Without a civil engineering industry there would be no clean water, no transport system, no sewage and waste disposal, no heat, no light and no power. The world’s infrastructure and its people would be at the mercy of the elements and the natural forces within our changing environment.

CICES members play a key role in all stages of construction. From concept to design and development, from procurement to management, finalisation and resolution of disputes, from maintenance to monitoring every step is influenced and enhanced by the involvement of a civil engineering surveyor. By their skill and competence, civil engineering surveyors reduce the risk of failure at any stage of a construction project and not only make an important contribution to the bottom line of the companies and clients they represent, but help to underpin the sustainability of the industry by minimising and even eradicating the unnecessary wastes of time, resources, and money.