Public Affairs

Representing an international membership of over 4000 members (over 2000 in the UK), it is essential that CICES works to ensure the best possible business conditions for its members to work in.

Civil engineering surveying derives a large proportion of its income from government work, so it is important for CICES to maintain good relationships with government stakeholders who make political decisions that affect CICES members. To monitor and lobby the UK government, CICES is a member organisation of the UK Construction Industry Council (CIC) and is represented on the CIC Public Affairs Panel.

Through the CIC Public Affairs Panel, CICES will be connecting the issues raised by members to political stakeholders in the UK Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. The aim of the panel is:

 to foster the advancement of the construction industry’s interest in, and contribution to, built environment issues.
 to advise those making representations and responding to government and other public and influential bodies on policy issues and associated matters affecting the built environment.
 to assist the preparation of policy papers and consultation responses and the handling of the media.
 to co-ordinate members’ public affairs activities wherever possible and appropriate.
 to consider how CICES views on public affairs issues may be jointly presented to Government and other appropriate authorities in conjunction with other organisations representing specific sectors of the construction industry.

CICES members are encouraged to support CICES in responses to consultations and can do so by contacting:

Chief Executive Officer
Ann Allen
+44 (0) 161 972 3100