• Applicants for membership must be able to demonstrate that they have fulfilled the institution’s competency requirements.
  • All the general competencies plus at least one specialism must be met with and signed off by the applicant’s supervisor.
  • Geospatial applicants must also complete the geospatial core competencies and have them signed off by their supervisor.
  • Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Cost Engineering and Estimating applicants must also complete the appropriate Commercial Management core competencies.
  • Having the competency documents signed off does not automatically mean that the candidate will be accepted as a member, but it is an essential part of the application process.
  • ICES recommends ICES-Driver Trett Training as a provider of training courses for commercial managers.

Documents in PDF format can be viewed using Adobe Reader. If you would like any of the competencies in Word format, request them from the Membership team (

Please click the link to download the General Competencies
General Competencies
Please click the links to download the Core Competencies
Core Geospatial Engineering Competencies
Core Commercial Management Competencies (Estimating)
Core Commercial Management Competencies (Quantity Surveying)
Core Commercial ManagementCompetencies (Planning)
Core Commercial Management Competencies (Project Management)
Core Commercial Management Competencies (Cost Engineering)
Please click the links to download the Specialist Competencies
Specialist Land Surveying Competencies
Specialist Engineering Surveying Competencies
Specialist GIS Competencies
Specialist Buried Services Competencies
Specialist Hydrographic Surveying Competencies
Specialist Estimating Competencies
Specialist Quantity Surveying Competencies
Specialist Planning Competencies
Specialist Project Management Competencies
Specialist Cost Engineering Competencies
Please click the links to download
Member competencies Technical Member competencies Fellowship Attributes
Construction Law Fellowship Attributes
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Procurement Engineering
Please submit all documents electronically to
The Membership Team: