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Highways and Transportation Conference

The North West Transportation Conference hosted by CIHT in collaboration with TPS, CILT and ICE

The Climate Change Emergency

On 27 June 2019 the UK legislated for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 (2045 in Scotland). CIHT recognises the importance and urgency of addressing climate change and has through the Climate Change Pledge launched a series of commitments in response to the climate change challenge including sharing knowledge and creating professional development opportunities so that we can all play our part.

Who is the event for?
You should attend this event if you would like to increase your knowledge of how climate change is impacting upon our transport network, how organisations are addressing current issues caused by climate change and what organisations are implementing and developing to reduce climate change.

Why you can’t miss the event
*  Networking opportunities
*  CPD
*  Q&A Session
*  Case studies
*  Best practice
*  Debate / Discussion around subject

Full information and to register: https://www.ciht.org.uk/event/north-west-transportation-conference-2020/

Any questions:  info@ciht.org.uk or 020 7336 1571

Sponsors COLAS

Venue: The Emirates Old Trafford

Brian Statham Way
Old Trafford
Manchester, M16 0PX

27th March


Starts: 9:30am
Ends: 3:30pm

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This is a free event