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Membership information webinar by Katie Holt

Join this webinar to learn how to apply and upgrade your CICES membership

Are you interested in CICES membership?

Do you know anyone interested in applying for or upgrading their membership?

If so, please join this free webinar, where Katie will simplify the application and upgrade procedures.

The webinar will focus on applying for Member grade, but will also include Technical Member and Fellow grades, covering:

which is the most suitable grade/route for you
how to prepare your application/upgrade documents
how to interpret the CICES competencies
how to make the most of your review interview

Open to non-members wishing to join and members wishing to upgrade.

If you have not received an invitation for this webinar, please email hmcginty@cices.org

Speaker(s): Katie Holt, CICES Development Officer

1st February


Starts: 12:30pm
Ends: 1:30pm

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This is a free event

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Heather McGinty
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