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Mock Mediation ‘A new kitchen – a recipe for disaster’!

Something different for members!

All members are welcome to join this free mock mediation.

In this webinar, co-hosted by CIArb/CIOB/CICES we conduct a live mediation session coordinated by an eminent and practicing Mediator, seeking to facilitate a settlement between two parties in dispute. 

 The attendees will gain an insight into the format and live interactions of the Parties and the Mediator, presenting a common dispute scenario.  This should prove to be an entertaining and insightful session for those familiar with or new to Mediation.

 The Claimant is seeking final payment for a bespoke kitchen installed within a private residence.  The Defendant is seeking a reduction in the price of the kitchen owing to alleged defects, delays and costs itself incurred.  Will the Mediator be able to unravel the various allegations, disentangle the facts and find common ground between the Parties?  Will the Parties concede ground and reach a settlement or escalate the dispute?  The outcome of this scenario is unscripted and far from certain, and the Mediator will need to call upon all the skills and strategy required of a Mediator in construction disputes.  

 The Parties are accompanied by their respective Solicitors (both Partners in respected law firms) who will explore all legal, contractual and commercial, strategies at their disposal in order to reach a good settlement for respective Clients. 

The participants include:

Kenneth Salmon as Mediator

Bill Barton (Legal Representative – Claimant)

Richard Anderson (Legal Representative – Defendant)

Ian Reynolds (Claimant acting as Mr Matt White)

Geri Batchelor (Defendant acting as Ms Tiffany Lane)

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Jointly organised with: CIOB, CIArb

21st October


Starts: 5:30pm
Ends: 7:00pm

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This is a free event

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Heather McGinty
0161 972 3100