AD Schemes

Dyer and Butler – this is a new scheme for the quantity surveying and estimating staff.  Dyer and Butler build, maintain and renew infrastructure within both the public and private sector, delivering engineering services and building projects of all sizes, throughout the UK.

CD Surveys – CD Surveys Ltd is a small Land, Measured Building Surveying & Site Engineering firm who have been established since December 1992.  This is a reapproval of their scheme using the land surveying and engineering surveying specialist competencies.

Latest Coronavirus update: 5 January 2021

As you will all be aware, yesterday, the UK Prime Minister and the Scottish First Minister made new announcements regarding lockdowns. These are in addition to previous announcements regarding Wales and Northern Ireland. Below are links to the websites for the fours administrations which I hope will be helpful links for you.

The common theme is that everyone is advised to stay at home and to work from home unless you have to attend in-person to carry out your work. In the English guidance construction is specifically identified as one activity that should continue and is acceptable for people to travel to work for this activity.

The links are

England  –

Scotland –

Wales – – new restrictions were brought in after Christmas

Norther Ireland –  – Further announcements are expected today with regards to Northern Ireland.

I hope these links are helpful and please let us know if there is more that you would like us to do to ensure you are fully informed through the next few months.

Hope you are able to stay safe and well

Ann Allen MBE
Chief Executive Officer
Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors

Implications of leaving the EU

Leaving the EU in January 2021 may create issues for members of all professional institutions including CICES, as free movement and rights to work fall away. As the position stands at the moment our understanding is that there is no global agreement for transferring recognition for such professional institutions. It will be necessary for individual members to ensure that they secure the correct permits to work within the EU as these can only be done on an individual basis. Arrangements for permits varies from member state to member state.

More detail is set out below together with links to the government websites. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with organisations such as the Engineering Council and the Institution of Civil Engineers and will seek to keep members informed if the situation changes however members working in the EU, including Ireland, should also make their own checks.

Pre Brexit position

Under the current EU regulations there is free movement of people across the EU. This means that UK citizens have been looked at as EU citizens and with that any required permits and regulations to work in individual EU countries have been set out under EU directive 2005/36/EC. This gives specific rights of movement for such professions as doctors and architects and also provides for recognition of a list of regulated professions.

A regulated profession is one whose qualifications are set in law, i.e. there is a mandatory qualification requirement. Civil engineering is a regulated profession and therefore both the Engineering Council and Institution of Civil Engineers are focused on this issue. Civil engineering surveying is not a regulated profession in the UK however the professional activities of many of our members fall under the role or authority of a civil engineer, which is regulated and will need to meet any qualifications as set out in law in individual EU member states.

These arrangements will fall away as of 1 January 2021 and UK citizens will be treated in the same way as any other person from a country outside the EU (Australia, India and so on).  It will be the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they secure the required permit to work in any of the EU member states. Each member state has different requirements relating to qualifications to practise.  It is anticipated that where our members are part of a larger company there will be a corporate approach, sole practitioners should have received advice from BEIS, as have all companies, on what they need to do next.

Issues for members’ consideration 

  1. Existing members. Members will be subject to individual country and sector-specific requirements for visas, work permits and registration (if required) in order to have permission to travel and practise. This will apply to EU members wanting to work in the UK as well as UK members wanting to work in the EU. There are good updates from both the Engineering Council and BEIS
  2. Ireland members. There is a mutual agreement through the Engineering Council specifically related to Ireland which would mean CEng and IEng members would be covered by this and would mean the Common Travel Arrangements would apply. Members should however check their own specific circumstances
  3. New members. We will review the process for membership to ensure we reflect the changes
  4. Changes in Legislation. As new legislation is shaped to encompass all international qualifications. We will ensure that we engage in any call for evidence requested.
  5. Data Transfer. At the moment of writing this update, the EU has yet to confirm that it is happy with the adequacy of the UK arrangements for transfer of personal data between member states and the UK. This may well change as the negotiations reach conclusion and members are advised to make their own checks on the government websites

Useful links 

UK Transition Business Webinars

Checklist for action to take on provision of services, data and workforce

New digital training partnership for CICES

CICES has unveiled plans for a new training partnership with digital construction training specialist, Built Intelligence. Built Intelligence offers both free and paid-for learning and training programmes, together with a free helpdesk, ReachBack, which gives access to a library of Q&As. From November, CICES members will be able to access Built Intelligence and take advantage of bespoke training modules and discounts. 

Darrell Smart, CICES operations director, said: “This partnership increases the range and depth of online training support we can offer to our members. We will be offering specialised courses and a blended approach with e-learning, live webinars and premium programmes mixed with news, blogs and features from industry experts.” 

Built Intelligence was founded six years ago by quantity surveyor Chris Corr. He commented: “We are delighted to be appointed as a digital training partner for CICES and look forward to developing impactful and relevant training content aligned to the CICES competencies and values. As a small company we are adaptable and agile and will be able to react to changes and developments in the current climate quickly and professionally.” Details will be sent to members by email.

wholly-owned commercial publishing and training arm, SURCO Ltd. She takes over from Bill Pryke, who is retiring after over 11 years of leading the institution.

Coronavirus updates

CICES is keen to protect the health and safety of its staff and members. Whilst we remain fully operational, we will cease holding face-to-face meetings and events until further notice. Some staff will be adjusting to home working and this may affect mailings and other forms of communication from the institution.

Wherever possible we will try to make facilities available for meetings by telephone conference. However, logistically, this will not be possible in all instances.

Where a deposit has been paid to attend a CICES organised event that has now been cancelled, CICES will refund this.

CICES will continue to keep up-to-date on the situation and will be guided by government, Public Health England and Construction Industry Council advice.

If you have any concerns please speak with me or another senior member of staff privately.

Further guidance on the coronavirus:


Until we can continue with our face-to-face events, we are running a series of webinars for all members, with a variety of topics.  Please check the regional pages for details.

CICES supports Get Kids into Survey

The institution has become an official distributor partner for Get Kids into Survey. The initiative, from Elaine Ball Technical Marketing, is aimed at schoolchildren and portrays surveyors and geospatial professionals in cartoon form. Get Kids into Survey has so far released four A1 posters covering civil engineering, forestry, mining and smart cities. Further posters are due to be released this year along with a comic book. The posters are free to purchase from