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BIM white paper

Our recently published white paper: ‘Transforming the Civil Engineer’ has been well received throughout our sector and other disciplines.

It was selected for presentation at esteemed trade events, including GeoBusiness, Poland’s FIG and Sustainable and Digital Building in Portugal.

The white paper focuses significantly on Building Information Management (BIM) and how it can be applied to address various issues in construction.

Most prominent of these is the shortfall in adoption of digital engineering to realise the efficiencies of data sharing and survey expertise. 

The resulting disconnect between commercial management and geospatial surveyors in civil engineering is addressed in depth.

Digital transformation

The white paper asserts that ‘digital transformation’ will enable a profession fit for 2050 and beyond.

In ‘Transforming the civil engineer’, CICES authors consider the barriers within infrastructure projects that prevent the uptake of:

  • Digital engineering
  • Information management
  • Data sharing
  • Building information modelling (BIM)

And of course, today’s barriers will be different to tomorrow’s, so the document also details:

  • How surveyors can assess their digital maturity
  • What’s required to face the challenges of tomorrow and decades to come with confidence

Recommended reading

‘Transforming the civil engineer’ is the result of months of hard work and collaboration between respected experts and experienced professionals.

Following the formation and collaboration of working groups, their outputs were collated into a draft document.

This subsequently underwent numerous reviews - including by the UK BIM Alliance - with clarifications, suggestions and amends incorporated as required.

CICES president, Andy Evans, one of the lead authors of the white paper, commented: 

‘Whether you’re working in construction, civils, surveying, project management or even on the client side, I’d recommend taking the time to read this paper.

‘You’ll gain an appreciation of how to maximise productivity through better management of site data.

‘And there’s also a clear focus on better understanding BIM and how it relates to civil engineering during site operations.’ 

View and download Transforming the civil engineer - a white paper from the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (lead authors: Andrew Evans, Genna Rourke, Marek Suchoki, Ian Heaphy, Ivor Barbrook, Sangeetha Senthil Kumar).
Published: 18 July 2022