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  • Applicants for membership must be able to demonstrate that they have fulfilled the institution's competency requirements.
  • All applicants must cover general, core (either commercial or geospatial) plus their chosen specialist competencies.
  • Competencies must be met with and signed off by the applicant's supervisor.
  • Having the competency documents signed off does not automatically mean that the candidate will be accepted as a member, but it is an essential part of the application process.

  • CICES recommends Built Intelligence and Driver Trett as a provider of training courses for commercial managers.
  • CICES recommends The Survey School as a provider of training courses for geospatial engineers.
  • CICES recommends Blue Hat and CSTA Global as a provider of utilities and subsurface mapping training.

Please read the guides below when preparing your application. If you would like any of the competencies in Word format please contact the membership team