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Commercial Management

Commercial management is the process that deals with contractual and financial aspects of civil engineering projects. Working alongside other professionals and businesses to ensure documents are prepared correctly is vital to ensure delivery is on time and within budget.

Responsibilities - Commercial managers can be responsible for:
  • Document preparation, including legal documents
  • Evaluating prices from contractors and subcontractors
  • Preparing estimates for the cost of construction projects
  • Advising engineers on financial issues
  • Measuring and costing planned work
  • Continually valuing costs of ongoing projects

Specialisms - You may specialise in any of the following areas:
  • Construction law
  • Quantity surveying (measuring and evaluating projects)
  • Estimating (calculating the cost of projects)
  • Procurement management (purchasing goods and services)
  • Project management (general management of the whole project)
  • Planning
  • Cost engineering (monitoring, reviewing and controlling budgets or agreed costs for projects)