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CICES members should attend at least two regional events each year. If you are interested in joining your local committee then please select your local region from the list below and contact the regional secretary.

Anglia & Central
Chair: Tim Over

Region map
Chair: Mahomed Salejee Essof
Secretary: Phillip Smeed
Eastern & Midlands
Chair: Derek Spalton
Deputy chair: Antony Mercure
Chair: Isla Hillyear-Hill
Secretary: Scott McCulloch
Region map
Hong Kong
Chair: Cordia Yu
Secretary: Eric Tse
South East
Chair: Brian Whiting
Secretary: Lauren Holland
Region map
Ireland & Northern Ireland
Chair: Ian Tookey
Secretary: Philip Bell
Region Map
South West & South Wales
Chair: Mark Phillips
Secretary: Richard Lloyd
Region map
Chair: Katherine Chan

Chair: Chris McGinty
Northern Counties
Chair: Stewart Murrell
Secretary: Vacant
Region map
Chair: Bernice Cowton
Deputy chair: Chris Campbell
Secretary: Richard Shore
Region map
North West & North Wales
Chair: Mark Hudson
Secretary: Jim Roberts
Region map