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PAS128 guidance

CICES has created a client specification guide to provide support and better understanding of what to ask for when commissioning a PAS128 utility survey.

This year, the requirements for the detection, verification and location of underground utilities have been fully revised.

According the to the British Standards Institution, 'A current utility mapping survey conforming to this PAS can be used as an indicator of the presence or absence of underground utilities before conducting further ground investigation prior to breaking ground.'
Specific areas covered include:

  • Project planning
  • Classification of quality levels based on survey type, location accuracy, inclusion of post-processing and level of supporting data
  • Desktop utility records search
  • Detection, verification and location
  • Deliverables

This means the new revisions can apply to huge numbers of projects throughout the UK, with professionals and clients both benefitting from its comprehension.

With both parties understanding fully the process when requesting PAS128 surveys, the instances of error, delay and waste of resources can be reduced.

In order to achieve this more easily, CICES members John Robinson FCInstCES and Janos Dobsi FCInstCES MBA have co-authored a helpful guide, with significant contributions and assistance from USMP members.


John Robinson commented on the newly released guidance, saying:

'By creating this document we've enabled a more knowledgeable understanding of the process being requested at point of a PAS128 enquiry.

'And with this knowledge now available, an insight can be obtained into the more complex areas of PAS128. With the correct procurement, understanding and corroboration between client and practitioner, the end product of PAS128 deliverable data is invaluable, as well as an aid to health & safety, plus cost efficient design and construction.'

View or download a copy of the PAS128 client specification guide here.

Published: 25 October 2022