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Membership benefit: employer validation

Any employer of civil engineering surveyors can benefit from encouraging their staff to attain CICES membership.

Team members that have satisfied the required levels of competence are a credit to their organisations, both in terms of reputation and financially.

For example, the inclusion of highly skilled and qualified professionals can only strengthen a tendering process or project bid.

And by employing CICES members, or supporting existing staff to achieve this status, organisations can gain the associated benefits.

But aside from the ‘bottom line’, there are other, more holistic factors for employers to consider.

By raising professional standards within their businesses, they can contribute to a wider upskilling throughout the wider industry.

Ultimately, incremental improvements like these lead to higher customer satisfaction, investor confidence and recruitment.

The more the surveying, civil engineering and related industries cultivate a reputation for excellence, the more talent they will attract and retain.

Approved Development Schemes

Approved Development Schemes are one way that many employers provide a clear route and assistance for individuals looking to join the institution.

These initiatives are scalable and can be tailored to provide value for all types of business, from SME’s to Tier 1 Contractors.

A major concern for many employers and external authorities is the often stated ‘talent gap’ in our industry.

Approved Development Schemes are an efficient and structured way for businesses to ensure their staff are competent and confident in their work.

This investment in people empowers individuals to strive for ongoing improvement, which should complement any in-house CPD policies in place.

The glue that holds projects together

Civil engineering surveyors are increasingly integral to many aspects of successful projects, with a broader remit than ever before.

From early engagement during initial planning to final delivery, these professionals do far more than just use survey equipment on site.

Crucial functions of a CES within a project’s scope these days may include:

  • Data preparation for machine control
  • Managing and controlling all relevant geospatial information
  • Piloting drones and running mobile mapping for regular site diary updates

And with issues such as sustainability intrinsically linked to economic targets, the need for precision and professional expertise has never been higher.

By ensuring that staff members can satisfy these requirements, employers can continue to raise standards across the board.

CICES membership is a clear route to achieving this and represents a commitment to setting a benchmark for professionals to progress from.

How can I learn more about employer validation?

If you or your employer would like to know more about the benefits of CICES membership, please get in touch to talk to a member of our helpful team.

To learn more about Approved Development Schemes and the best reasons for setting one up, please see our ADS page.

Published: 17 January 2024