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Conflict Avoidance Pledge

CICES is committed to conflict avoidance and early intervention.

The Conflict Avoidance Pledge was initiated by several of the UK’s leading professional bodies – including CICES –  for construction and engineering. Together they form the Conflict Avoidance Coalition Steering Group.   

The financial cost of disputes in the construction industry is measured in billions of pounds. Conflict can cause immeasurable harm to business relationships and brand reputations. An increasing number of major infrastructure bodies are driving a sea-change and embedding conflict avoidance mechanisms to avoid and manage conflicts.

What this means

Believing in collaborative working and the use of early intervention techniques throughout the supply chain, to try to resolve differences of opinion before they escalate into disputes.

Recognising the importance of embedding conflict avoidance mechanisms into projects with the aim of identifying, controlling and managing potential conflict, whilst preventing the need for formal, adversarial dispute resolution procedures. Commiting resources to embedding these into projects.

Commiting to working proactively to avoid conflict and to facilitate early resolution of potential disputes.

Commiting to developing capability in the early identification of potential disputes and in the use of conflict avoidance measures. Promoting the value of collaborative working to prevent issues developing into disputes.

Commiting to work with our industry partners to identify, promote and utilise conflict avoidance mechanisms.

Why sign up to the pledge?

Becoming a pledge signatory signals to clients and suppliers that:

✔ You are a good business to work with

✔ Maintaining good business relationships, and dealing with problems early and amicably, are keystones of your day-to-day commercial operations.

✔ Your business is fully committed to delivering value for money and working collaboratively to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and on par.

For information and to sign the pledge click here