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CICES Governance

The institution operates with a complement of staff and dedicated volunteers.

Members are encouraged to take part in the future development of the organisation.

This is done via a series of core committees and panels that meet, either online or in person, throughout the year.

The chief executive and president head the task of steering the institution's core committees to develop and implement policy.

They also work alongside its established information business to oversee its commercial activities.

CICES Governance Arrangements

In accordance with our institution’s royal charter and byelaws, our Council of Management is composed of:

  • CICES president
  • Immediate past president
  • Senior vice president
  • Vice president
  • Up to a maximum of 14 elected members

It’s also required that at least one third of the members elected (excluding the president) are either geospatial engineering surveyors or commercial managers.

CoM members sit for three years as the elected representatives of the institution and its members.

They are trustees who drive the direction and decision making for the best interests of the wider membership.