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Benefits of CICES membership

Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors membership is a valued and respected status, recognised globally.

The benefits, whether you're considering joining for the first-time or upgrading your existing membership, are numerous and varied.

1. Professional qualification

CICES designatory letters after your name signify a level of attainment gained through professional experience in work, not via solely academic routes.

Your membership demonstrates a level of real-world expertise and competence to your peers and other work acquaintances.

2. Employer validation

If the organisation you work for can highlight the fact that staff are CICES members, this is a public record that those workers are highly competent specialists.

This validation serves to strengthen any project bidding or tendering processes that an employer enters into, showing it has the 'best people for the job'.

3. Improve your career prospects

Your CICES membership is a globally recognised 'mark of quality' within the civil engineering and surveying sectors.

By displaying it on your social profile, business cards and CV you draw attention to your standing and capability within your industry, particularly in contrast to non-members.


4. Community involvement

CICES is a several thousand strong community of inclusive, idea-sharing professionals that form several committees and councils based around geographical locations, themes like EDI and sustainabilty.

You can contribute as much or as little as you like, from mentoring programmes and interview panels to social nights out and regional get-togethers. 

5. Networking

CICES members are regulars at industry events, expos and conferences throughout the year, both in the UK and internationally.

With members throughout the UK and further afield, there are always opportunities to gain referrals and introductions to build your network and increase your knowledge

6. CPD/resources

Many of the webinars and industry events organised by CICES can count towards your continuing professional development.

And with member access to the 'Knowledge Hub' area of the website, you can view a wealth of resources relating to everything from career development to best-practice examples.

7. Industry-leading publications

CICES members receive ten hard copy issues per year of Civil Engineering Surveyor - our recognised journal, featuring contributions from key industry figures, which is also accessible via an online archive.

Other noted publications include the annual 'Construction Law Review' and 'Geospatial Engineering', also produced yearly. 

8. Free professional advice

Your CICES membership enables access to the institution's honorary solicitors - Baker McKenzie and Mayer Brown (contact: Jonathan Hosie) - who can offer pro-bono legal advice for initial enquiries.

And if you have any technical or other (i.e. non legal) queries that require specialist support or expertise, the institution's various committee members are experienced and approachable professionals.

9. Make a difference

A career in civil engineering surveying is an opportunity to make a positive contribution to your industry and wider society in general.

As the people who help shape our built environments, CICES members use their collective influence and innovation to affect areas like sustainability, digitalisation and equality, diversity & inclusion.

10. Global recognition 

The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a decades-old, internationally recognised professional body, with a royal charter (granted in 2009).

Its members are acknowledged all over the world as part of an organisation that drives continuous improvement, innovation and best-practice.